Sustainable building.

Reuse, recycle, restore.  This is our dogma, and we apply these principles over and over again wherever we can.  Not only in an effort to send less to the landfills, but also in an effort to creatively use reclaimed structural components such as old growth lumber and steel both in new structural and finish applications.

SW Hathaway INC started as a small, family business, and has strived to remain that way.  We will only commit to 1 large or 2 small jobs at a time, With the owner, Steve Hathaway, present on every job for the duration.  This way we can commit to a higher quality standard, without the cost of middle management present on some job sites. 

We do all of our finish work ourselves, including tile, paint, finish carpentry and woodworking, and metal work. We also often do the majority of the rough work ourselves, including concrete work, framing and window and door installation.  Our sub-contractors are the best we have found, and most of them we have worked with continually for 10 years.